Packing clothes for Capitol Reef National Park trip.

The Perfect National Park Packing List for Capitol Reef

by | Apr 15, 2023

There are an endless number of ways to enjoy Capitol Reef National Park. You could drop into the park on a fun weekend getaway. Or spend a week or more hiking some of the park’s challenging and beautiful trails. It’s easy to plan a visit that the whole family can enjoy together, from young kids to grandparents. Or, book a romantic trip with your spouse.

No matter what type of trip you’re planning, there’s one important thing that you’ll need to do; pack the right gear. From clothing to water bottles to hiking gear, having the right stuff along can help you enjoy a fun, safe adventure in Capitol Reef National Park.

If you’re planning a visit to Chuckwagon Lodge in 2023, keep reading to learn what should be on your national park packing list.

The Perfect National Park Packing List

There are some things that should be on everyone’s national park packing list. But other items will vary depending on the types of activities that you plan to enjoy.

Items Everyone Should Include on Their National Park Packing List

A few items that everyone should have on their national park packing list include:

  • Water bottles or a hydration pack: Whether you plan to hike or just do some sightseeing, it’s important to pack plenty of water for the activities you’ll be enjoying. As a general rule, adults will need one liter of water for every two hours of hiking. But if the weather is hot or the trail is challenging, plan to bring more.
  • A backpack: Whether you’re hiking to Cassidy Arch or walking the short trail to the Capitol Reef petroglyphs, you’ll want to have a backpack along to carry your water and other essentials.
  • Sunscreen: Much of Capitol Reef National Park is covered in stunning red rock landscapes. This means that many trails offer little shade. Whether you’re visiting in the middle of the hot summer months or in the winter, sunscreen is a must. If you’re sweating, don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen frequently.
  • Hiking boots: Hiking boots are a no-brainer if you’re already planning to take on some of Capitol Reef’s challenging trails. But even if you aren’t going to hit the trails, hiking boots should be on everyone’s national park packing list. They’ll help you keep your footing and get around with ease no matter how you’re exploring the park.
  • A map: Cell phone service can be spotty in the park. Stop by the Capitol Reef Visitor Center on the way to the park from our Torrey hotel to pick up a map so you’ll still be able to get around.
  • Cash, a credit card, or a national park pass: Unless you’re visiting on one of the five Fee-Free days, you’ll need to present a valid annual pass or pay the entrance fee to get into Capitol Reef. You’ll also want to have cash or a credit card with you to purchase souvenirs at the visitor center or fruit and snacks at the Gifford House and Fruita orchards.

What to Pack if You Plan to Hike

Hiking is by far the most popular way to explore Capitol Reef National Park. If you plan to hit the trails during your stay at our Torrey hotel, there are a few extra items you should have on hand:

  • First aid kit: Having a basic first aid kit on hand can help you treat minor cuts, scrapes, and scratches on the trail.
  • A backup phone battery: We’ve already mentioned the importance of a paper map in case you don’t have cell service. But if you plan to use your phone as a GPS, a camera, or just to have with you for emergencies, don’t forget a backup battery in case your phone dies on the trail.
  • Extra layers: During the shoulder season in Capitol Reef, temperatures may be warm and comfortable in the middle of the day, and chilly at nightfall. Even in the summer, an unexpected rainshower can still strike. Having a jacket along can help you stay warm and dry.
  • A hat: Sunscreen is a must while in the park. But for an extra bit of protection for your skin and your eyes while you hike, bring a hat.

Packing for Your Capitol Reef National Park Adventure

No matter how you plan to spend your time, this national park packing list can help ensure that you have the right gear for your Capitol Reef adventure.

Before you start compiling your packing list, make sure that you’ve booked your stay at the best Torrey hotel. Chuckwagon Lodge is the perfect basecamp for exploring Capitol Reef National Park. Located just five minutes from the entrance to the park, you’ll be able to make the most of your visit, whether that means exploring the park on four wheels or on two feet.

If you’re planning to visit Capitol Reef in 2023, book your stay at Chuckwagon Lodge today!

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